Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

7th Grade Virus and Bacteria WebQuest

Click here For the WebQuest!'

Please remember that you and your partner will be creating a PowerPoint presentation instead of a wiki page.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chapter 18 Waves Wiki Project

Chapter 18

1. What are light and sound forms of, and how do they move?

2. What do waves transfer? Please give examples.

3. Infer why a boat in the ocean only moves up and down as the waves pass but is not carried to shore by waves.

4. Explain what a periodic wave is and give an example.

5. In the space below, show an example of a wave.

6. define each word and give an example.




7. Compare and contrast a transverse wave and a longitudinal (compressional) wave and give an example of each.

8. Identify at least one way in which scientists categorize waves.

9. What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength? What happens to the wavelength as the frequency increases?

Part II

10. Are sound waves transverse or compressional? And how do they transfer energy?

11. Through what medium are sound waves able to travel? Unable to travel?

12. Imagine you are aboard a space craft somewhere in the galaxy. Would you be able to hear the roaring approach of another ship?

13. What is the period of a sound wave?

14. Identify the relationship between pitch and frequency.

15. What are the two factors that affect the speed of sound? Through which medium does sound travel the fastest?

Monday, March 17, 2008

7th Grade links for Activity Worksheet

7-1, use the following links to help you with the completion of the "museum visit" side of the worksheet. We are obviously not able to visit an actual museum today; however, the sites listed below will act as a virtual class trip. You are also free to explore other websites outside of the ones listed below. If you have questions, carefully re-read the instructions or ask a classmate for assistance. If you still have questions then ask the teacher. I will see you all Wednesday, Good Luck!
Mr. Z

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Discover Life


Zoobooks Virtual Zoo

Classifying Life

The Open Door


If you have completed the worksheets then feel free to explore the following games!

Classification Matching Game

Memory matching game

Classification Bricks

Millionaire Game

8th Grade Webquest Electricity & Magnetism 3/18/08

Click here for web activity.

The answers can be recorded in a word document or on a separate sheet of paper.

Also do not forget that there are two assignments due tomorrow. The sketches and the reading assignment, which is on the board.

Be good.