Sunday, November 18, 2007

Newton's 2nd Law - Force, Mass, and Acceleration

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2. Fill in the blanks:

If a bowling ball and a soccer ball were both __________ at the same time from the roof of a tall building, which would hit the ground with a __________ force? Common sense tells us that the __________ ball would. We know that _________ accelerates all objects at the same __________, so both balls would hit the ground at the same time. Therefore the _________ in forces would be caused by the different __________ of the balls. Newton stated this relationship in his __________ law, the _______ of an object is equal to its ________ times its ______________. A karate master can exert a tremendous ________ by utilizing years of training, proper technique and focus. Although a human hand and forearm may have a _________ of _________, with proper technique, a karate sensei (master) will be able to use his entire body's __________ in breaking bricks. Combining a possible mass of 70 kg and an ___________ of 50 ______, this master will exert __________ of force, well more force needed to break several bricks. A ___________ bullet and a slow moving ________ both have tremendous force. The force of the bullet can be

____________ to its incredible ___________ while the force of the train comes from its _________ _________

3. Identify 4 other occurrences where Newton's 2nd Law may apply.

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5. Fill in the blanks:

E = mc2 may be the most famous equation in physics, but Newton's second law ____________ is the most important. The second law ____________ force and acceleration — and incidentally keeps planets in their ____________ around the Sun. Before unleashing the second law, let's make two useful observations. First, it is intuitively clear that a ____________ force produces a ____________ acceleration. For example, two pro wrestlers ____________ on a stalled car will get it going ____________ than just one could. Second, ____________ or mass is somehow involved. Those two wrestlers would need to use more force to push a ____________ than to push a Volkswagen ____________.
In fact, Newton realized that for a given force F, the ____________ the mass of the ____________, the smaller its acceleration. Thus, ____________ second law can be expressed concisely as follows: ____________.


Click on this link and follow the instructions at the top: F=MA

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